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My OneXOX is on One-X Offer plan, any way to extend expiry date?

I am gonna try this tomorrow.
Validity for the regular OneXOX plan is stackable, whether via reload or 6-month/yearly payable one.

I normally just buy the yearly extension.

Anyone here still used Celcom Xpax?

I realised for the last few months, I can not longer tether xpax data to my laptop when I am in Malaysia. It seem Celcom has disabled this function.

Look like I have to port my xpax to another telco
I still have my old XPAX24 and also a Magic SIM, but have never used tethering with them, so can't comment.

Before you try to port the number, you might want to check the personal particulars they've in their record. These information have to match whatever you provide at the other telco when you go over to do the port-in process. Just a friendly reminder.
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