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I tried Tai Green Tea Shampoo from Bro LeeJHong's website before. Pretty good, cleanses well without over drying the hair. Price will be much steeper than your current one though.
When i got that i rotate around with another moisturising shampoo from his website too, forgot the name. That one is good if you have itchy scalp sometimes, resolve my issue whenever that comes back.

Now i'm trying Nioxin system 1 (got from Lazada) to see if it can help make my hair "appear" thicker, after watching Robin James video. So far so good, but the cleanser shampoo is notably dry, the hair really feels squeaky clean after. But finish off with their conditioner is good, the fresh minty feeling and the hair gets smooth after. Good thing is with the good cleanse, my hair stays quite clean even till the next morning for my styling. Hair break/fall also seems slightly lesser.
Nioxin got good reviews. It’s under P&G so quality is there but when it comes to results for hair growth, it can take a bit of trial and error to find the right one. Which explains abit of mixed reviews that we might see.

The other moisturizing shampoo that you mentioned is Zahara nourishing shampoo. It’s a scalp treatment shampoo. Even for myself, as much as I try to keep my scalp as clean as possible, there will be occasional times whereby I have itchy scalp or rare scalp acnes. Zahara will help a lot in such instances, and it’s effective (the results are visible and instant).

Most deep cleansing shampoos are not suitable for daily usage. With such strong cleansing properties, it may not make sense to use it daily too as it may backfire eventually (causing the scap to produce more oils instead). However, Tai Hair Green Tea shampoo can also be used as a daily deep cleanser as it’s not that strong. So ultimately, it depends on your needs (eg, some people do not like alternating shampoos). Like always, do try it out yourself to know what’s best.
We understand the need for hair products that keep its promises.
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