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hmm deep cleansing maybe. sometimes I feel theres hair product still in my hair after washing. the product I used has good washability based on its description
If you feel that there’s residue from hair products in the hair, then it won’t be wrong. Perhaps not to go down the path of talking about what hair styling products, but instead to focus on the cleansing part. In this case, I would say that your shampoo (ie cleanser) may not be strong enough to meet your expectations.

Assuming the shampoo that you used is not an off the shelf shampoo, but a decent one. You can try out by shampoo-ing another time (ie 2 times) and see if you can still feel that the hair is still not clean enough, probably it’s time for you to try changing to another shampoo. Sometimes, the best shampoo needs not be the most expensive, but one that suits you best (ie based on your lifestyle, needs etc). A good deep cleansing shampoo is Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo. You can find it @ salons or Chinatown (for friendlier prices). I like this product personally, but not the price.

As usual, here’s my suggestion as one possible options for your consideration. Since I mentioned Paul Mitchell, I will take this opportunity to mention Tai Hair Tea Tree shampoo (note that it’s not green tea). This product is newly brought in (yes, I am operating TPJ) and it’s 97% organic. Very amazing cleansing strength but not suitable for daily use.
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