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Nioxin Sys 1 is good but its an expensive investment in the long run with minimal returns and very chemical heavy base. the moment you stop using it, you will notice your hair quality go back to normal.
Agreed. I think i saw a video by Robin James with the folks from Nioxin (he is open about being sponsored by them at one point, but till today he still recommends it as a product he uses consistently), and they talk about the fact that once you stop using it it stops working.
Also, for people who really say no to SLS, parabens, i think this product is not for them as well, cos i noted that there are definitely SLS in them, as with most off the shelf shampoos. Then again, something without, is usually not cheap also.

Agin, this is not touted as hair growth product, i think what it does well is to cleanse and keep the scalp in optimal environment for the hair to grow or at least breathe. I don't expect it to grow my hair actually, but will be happy enough if it at least helps to make the hair "look" thicker.
For now, i still see my hair feeling relatively thin especially right after showering, like can see a bit of scalp. But after it's dried, looks ok.

Interestingly, i use this other product before i sleep. It's a leave-in product from AFC brand - AFC Shokaigan Intensive Hair Growth Tonic. I have been using that product long before i started Nioxin. Effects were minimal, or i don't see it much. After using Nioxin for a while, somehow i can actually see more hair. Not that i think they are really growing out more, but the effects of the shampoo may really be helping the fine baby hair look thicker and it shows. Note that i'm only using the Nioxin shampoo and conditioner and not their last Scalp treatment step, nor their diaboost, which may turn out to be working better with the whole series, but i just wanna use finish what i have and this Shokaigan Tonic is not cheap by itself.
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