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Hi there I need help..I own loanshark $1900 from 3 different person it's a weekly loan..they said if u clear I LL give monthly but till now I can't clear any 1of them I feel so depressed n thinking of where to get money to settlement.. I can't make a report I'm a single mother work permit holder if o make a report it will effect my job n MOM will banned me to work at Singapore.. I'm loss not sure wat to do and how to handle it.. I thought of not paying them but I afraid they will disturb my next kin..

I searched for contact info Google for legal lender end up they text me..

I really need a good advice to overcome this issue
Please don't do stupid things.
Never ever take up job offer by them such as lend your bank account or atm card.
Never ever take up the runner job such as splash paint or lock the gate.
Never ever sell your body for money as in prostitution.
Please go and make a Police report.
The only one can help you is Police and not any Tom, Dick and Harry in this forum.
If you're still poor at 35, you deserve it!
He knew what he signed up for.
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