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I believe no sure working way now.

Previously there was a trick to use QR Code to receive payment to top up. But recently (Feb 2019) it stopped working. You can try your luck. Scroll a few pages back for more info.

Try to ask if 3rd party service can help or not.

All in all, I think it is just easier to forget about WeChat China Wallet and Alipay China wallet if you do not have a mainland Chinese bank card.

What is your main purpose of getting WeChat wallet? Scroll a few pages for possible alternative solution.
Am currently in China, thankfully I tied my account with my Chinese friend Credit card, but today kena prompt to upload ID. Canít use SG passport.

Seriously felt so sh!t they are doing, so prepare Cash (RMB) bah as foreigner, or bring along your credit card.
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