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Got the AIR C. I'm pretty impressed with it. Playing games, the audio positioning such as bullets flying past you and hearing footsteps behind you was really great!

Tried songs on Apple Music and was really impressed at how the vocals seem to keep from in front of me.

After watching Captain Marvel and noting how the sound was like, I went home to watch Avengers Infinity Wars with the AIR C and noted that it was very close to mimicking the cinema feel. Pretty impressed with it.

The one thing I felt was strange was the ear profiles, I took 4 head profiles, one with a colleague helping and 3 ownself with 2 mirrors. 2 sounded exactly the same and the other 2 profiles had some differences, these were the ones I self took. Not sure exactly how the algorithm works, could it be because camera not level or not enough lighting.

Also the ear cushion caused a bit of itchiness, although they were comfortable.

So far I'm happy with it.
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