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Anybody know what does these messages mean? It stated 10gb quota renew every month. Does it means that it will incur cost every month? I just need for 2-3 days only..

The message stated:
RM0.00 Dear Tunetalker, FREE Basic Internet is active and U will no longer have pay-per-use usage. 10GB quota renews every month. T&C apply
Rm2 tunetalk only has free 300mb right?
Yours should be the Tune Talk Value Prepaid, can see link to their website for more information. (I've not finished going through...)

An overview can be referred to here.

So far from what I've read, Free Basic Internet is 10GB per month, auto-renewable monthly and there should be no charge. Please note that it's at only 64kbps speed.

You'll have to subscribe to one of the High Speed Data plans for fast speed. Don't forget to cancel the auto-renewable if there's any.

Edit: I don't see anything about free 300MB in the starter pack.

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