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Thanks very much for the recommendation. For the 17-seater that you recommended, do you think it can fit my entire tour group (16 pax). Or we should be getting two if this? Website seems to indicate it can take 17pax plus 17 large suitcases
maybe a van and an MPV combo? the car is mainly for mobility, if you need to do a quick run to a supermarket or just a small group wants to head out. that way you donít want to keep unpacking the van also.

i would also recommend bringing duffel bags instead of trolley bags as these would be easier to pack in the van.

a day trip to milford sound from queenstown is a 10-12 hour trip, and the cruise is usually under 2 hours. if you are really keen on MS, try staying at Te Anau for a night.

donít be too ambitious, esp with a big group and travelling in winter.

we stayed at top 10 holiday parks during our recent trip. i think they offer good value for money plus plenty of facilities that would be very useful for a large group (communal kitchen, laundry, playgrounds).
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