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Personally I feel is to use more of your credit cards and always pay on full for at least a year. Your rating should go up.

I have many credit cards and credit lines as well.
Once in awhile , I might forgot to make payment. (it happens.)

I also used my credit lines for personal investments as well. I mean interest free for 6/12 months with a small processing fees, it is quite a waste not to leverage on that.

My monthly spending is about $8k-12k which I spread over the cards.
I know there are many more people who probably spend more that in a single card monthly, but I think this could be one of the contributing factors to my AA/2000 score?

I mean I did miss out on payment before but usually will settle straight away when I got the SMS or reminder letters.

For one of my OCBC and Maybank card which I seldom use, i forgot to call to waive off the annual fees. For 3 months, they keep sending me reminders and charging late fees on TOP of the unpaid annual fees. It came back to quite a substantial sum.

Eventually I got them waived, however it did not affected my CBS record. Very weird. But I was ready to write a letter to the banks to reinstate the records if they did.
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