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I have made police report fin October 2018. After making report, nothing is done and yet I got splashed paint in November 2018.

Recently a few of the loan sharks started harassing me and next of kin. They forcing me to make full repayments if not they promise to make my NOK lose their jobs.

One particular loan shark gave me till Sunday to repay $3000.
He even force me to record myself begging him for extension if not he won’t give extension.

My fault for borrowing money from them. I regret borrowing.
They will threaten to bring problems to those innocent people around you.
This is really unbearable.

Why no actions from the police?
I have given them all the numbers and account numbers since. But nothing is done.
Sg_oris ...what i can advise u is u really need to stop answering calls from those fxxxer and please trust our SPF they always be there to help and is not ez for them to catch those mother Fxxxer..base on your case being throw paint at your door..which I believe most of us also kana b4 .. what u can say is if u still get in contact with them even the police manage to catch the runner also no use cos those runner not only is one of the victim can be school students that want to earn quick $$$ . So dun blame the police.. cos our SPF is doing their best to catch all this ppl . And also they not only hist handle ur case they got many cases like us for them to handle so what u can do is to wait for good news from the SPF . While waiting u really need to stop all communication with all ur LS ... and most important dun ever listen to the LS and work for them. Lost of job can always get a new one and start flesh. So stay firm and move on.. I bring in this **** b4 . And now I still frigting hard on it ... the only way for u to stay happy is u need to listen to your IO and corporate with SPF... lastly the choice is yours... if u want to be help those mother fxxxer then u not only lost your job u will lost ur freedom and ur future .. if u chose to cooperate with SPF then u are a real man and soon u will be able to start flesh... trust me ...
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