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Hi sis. Gradually you are doing fine.
I admire your strength and patience in helping others.
I am rather sad that we all can do this much.

Spf have a load of these problems on their hands. You know right, no swift action unless there is body injury or property damage.
I have full trust and faith in them.

Bro. Understand your frustration after everything that happened. You just need to calm down and not be afraid of them. Only then you'll be able to think clearly and rationally. Everyone here had went through their own set of of dramas with this LS. We are here to support you through. That's the best that we can do. Be here to support but still the rest is up to you. I am sure by now you'll realise everyone will tell you the same thing. Report police, cut off all contacts etc.

Do that and pray hard that all this will end soon. You mentioned they will make your NOK lose their job? Have they ever tried calling your NOK workplace? Do they even know where you NOK work? Man up and fight them bro.

I stop paying all my LS since early Dec. They send me a list of all my neighbours names and contacts wanting to give us "good service". They called up my workplace say want to burn them down, call my house and f*ck my mother inside out. They even demand $2000 as apology fee cause I told them I reported to the police. Thank god nothing actually happened. Only phone harrassment.
I was like you too back then very angry but the police cant do much unless they did physical harm to you, your family and property. Which I understand they did splashed paint to your house. I am sure the police are still trying their best to locate your runner. Have a little faith bro. Everyone here is a victime. Those who came across this forum is lucky enough to get some support. Imagine those people who dont have any kind of support. Those people outside that we are not aware of? This kind of things people dont share to other openly cause they afraid to lose face. Imagine the mental torture they are going through? Count your blessing. Everything happens for a reason and every cloud has a silver lining.

Both you and your NOK need to be there for each other more than ever. Be strong and firm against them. Dont bother reading their msgs. Block all their numbers that will give you some peace of mind. Right now the $3000 they are asking for you dont pay up. They somehow can sense fear in you thats why they are trying their luck to push you for more. Even if you settle the $3000 now, do you think it will end?

How you want things to go is in your hands. All of us here can only advise you on what to do and not to do. Ultimately its your life. You choose how this ends.

Stay strong alright bro. Jiayou! 💪💪
May god protect us all here.
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