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Hi sis. Gradually you are doing fine.
I admire your strength and patience in helping others.
I am rather sad that we all can do this much.

Spf have a load of these problems on their hands. You know right, no swift action unless there is body injury or property damage.
I have full trust and faith in them.
Hi bro. All of us are in the same boat. It's nice to have someone or somewhere we can vent out our emotions to. Especially regarding LS. Many of us are skeptical to talk about this because dont want to lose face.

Ya its upsetting that we cant do much to help. Most I can help is giving some words of encouragement. All of us are not alone, even though we are strangers hopefully we'll be here to help out as much as we can. Of course we cant help out in terms of monetary la. 😂😂
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