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Hi dear. I am so sorry to hear what had happened. This idiots now have all sorts of ways to scam people. We need to be extra vigilant about it.

You have to come clean with the home owners. It's only fair for them to know and the fact is, you didnt even took the loan you wanted a phone installment instead they do a force loan on you.

Cut off all contacts like what the officer said. Dont pick up any unknown number for now. Lay low and be mentally and emotionally strong. They feed on our fear hence you gotta be firm and fight them.

If it gets too overwhelming, talk to someone you trust about it. This will help you out alot.

All the best ya sis. 💪💪
Makminah , I am still very anxious about it and trying to be strong somehow. I am going to talk to my Friend / flatowner . I hope she will understand my situation
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