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thanks for the support Fear Less,

i have told my friend / flat owner today. i also told my husband back home. i am a foreigner alone working here in Singapore and it is quite challenging to handle it on my own. my friend / flat owner was quite understanding but she said her husband got angry at me for the situation. i told her i am willing to take responsibility for my actions. i am also planning to talk to my company director tomorrow by showing him the police report i made. i don't know what will happen after that. i am telling myself to be prepared for the worse. i offered my friend / flat owner to get cctv if she would like to since she is worried because the nanny and her kid are always in the house when we all work during weekdays. i feel very guilty for implicating this on their family. i adore her kids and they are the reason why i am surviving here in Singapore without my own kids back home. My friend convinced me to tell my husband and i did a few minutes ago. i was crying like crazy, something i was holding back from doing the past week since this happened. my husband is worried about me but has re-assured me that everything will be okay. he asked me to try not to be alone so that i will feel safe. i haven't received any messages from them since yesterday afternoon. i have blocked their numbers and any private number from my phone and so far it has been quiet. i stayed up last night with all my lights on and listing to any movement near the house. i hope and pray that they don't bother me anymore. after talking to my director tomorrow, i am also planning to call my IO to report the messages yesterday.

thank you everyone for your support. i really need it.

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