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I have been victimised as well. Started as an ad on on carousell for iPhone installment then transferred me 500 saying that is required to create a record in their system. Then asked me to transfer them 909 in 10 days 200 on the 5th Day then 700 hundred on the 19th day. I paid the 200 thinking it was legit and I fully blame myself for that. After Paying the 200 , someone transferred me another 500 to my account without my knowledge. I then receive a message from WhatsApp saying my loan was approved when I didnít even apply. This new person is asking for 700 repayment in 5 days and tomorrow is the 5th day. I realised that these 2 are connected and gathered my wits to report to the police last Thursday. I am still waiting for my IO to call me but no news yet I even called today to follow and will call again on Monday during office hours. Just this afternoon after 2 pm both guys sent me whatís app messages to my personal and office HP number l. The first guy with scam iPhone said he will send someone to my office while the 2nd guy sent me videos of burning doors and splatting paint. I am scared as hell but trying to be strong. I am scared to leave my room and I donít know how to tell my Friend who is the owner of the house I am living in. I am trying to be vigilant and reading your posts here is giving me strenght. I am trying to look for counselling since I am starting to have sever anxiety because of this.

I am telling myself that I will face whatever happens but I wonít pay anymore. When I filed for the police report, the officer told me not to answer their calls and messages anymore. I have closed my account to prevent them from transferring any money and am thinking of changing my number too although I have blocked their numbers. I noticed that they usually only message via WhatsApp. Any advice will be very much appreciated.
Don't understand.
You bought Iphone from Carousell, how come become borrow money from loan shark ?
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