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Lady. To us, it does not matter where you are from. To the sharks they want to identify our weaknesses and prey on those.

Relax la. If your is a one -off , scammers dont call at your place and do physical harm. Scare tactics since your amount is small. Cctv will counter them if they ever visit you which I honestly doubt they will.

Prepare for sms bombardments as they are good at.
Advise people whom you gave numbers to scammer to ignore threats . Dont read .just ignore.
Also prepare to lose your job if your office does not condone problems like this.

I didnt block their threats. I let them in until their fingers are tired.

PM Makminah if you need someone to talk to, she can be a good comforting friend.

thanks for the support Fear Less,

thank you everyone for your support. i really need it.
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