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Hi, I am now having the same problems with two of these low lifes. My situation is a bit different, it was more of stupidity than desperation. Until now I have made two police reports. I didn't even realize that the first one I did a loan with was a loan shark until I had paid back twice the amount and realized he was taking me for a ride with the deferment nonsense. I then managed to stall him into thinking that my account is messed up and got him to help me cover my losses with a second loanshark, who I also later reported. I have no intention of paying them back and have made several phonecalls to them where I keng crying and saying that I got family problems la, what la.

In my experience, it is best to supplicate, supplicate and supplicate some more. The more you act dumb, the higher the chances of you being able to at least stall them. Don't act smart or tough. If possible also try to lie low and not agitate them even further than their disturbed childhood already did. Having said that, that won't be the end of your problems. I agree with some of the posters on here that more needs to be done to remove the stigma of getting paint splashed on your doors. I vow to never do this kind of stupid thing again and to help others who are in this predicament. Like someone before said, there must be a reason that some people have to turn to such means.

One of these lovely gentlemen is still calling me non-stop as I type this and apparently, his boss wants me dead. *nervous lol* If he didn't have my address, I certainly have some choice words for him. Until then, good luck everyone! Please PM me for ideas. Let's get work together and get rid of this rubbish.
Hey I was also in a situation although not as bad as yours. Need to get rid of this crap I agree
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