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If you didnt complicate this incident with other uml loan , your case is simply a scam , one off I mean.
Your uncle wont come out with anything about triad. This mf is a con.
As to how long this persist , it varies from one mf to another depending on your backside itchy or not. Some still want to talk terms with them after police report.
In my case I made no report. The harrassments were heavy during the 1st month like having my (he)period then gradually reducing sanitary pad to tissue paper. About 3 months I guess.

Most here are not around to answer you as they have their scam problem solved one way or another.

Please read more of the pages and you will gain experience to deal with this problem.
Yes, Fearless. Mine is a one off, Thanks for the advice and guidance, I will back track all the past posts to read as well. Sigh, itís really a mistake of mine, definitely lesson learnt.
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