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Hope that you continue to inform/email your I/O on this info. Not sure u shld involve your uncle.

I personally believe gangsters nowadays aren't what they were back in 50s~70s.They just claim to be affiliated to this and that group unlike other countries.

Let your I/O and SPF handle. Don't create more mess. The only number for you to call is 999. You won't feel indebted when you seek help from SPF as compared to so-call triad.

Seriously Singapore got triad meh? or just a bunch of hooligans who engage in gang fights to protect their "turf".

The only ones that extort money is these bloodsuckers UML that is just a shadow.

For myself I reacted quickly, SPF report,almost instant emails to I/O during harassments, install CCTV, call 999 when I was bombarded with harassment/threats/house visit/office calls,block and cease ALL form of communications with UML,inform bank of money transfer and wait it out. And since 2 days of initial harassment barrage, it's almost a month of peace. I did not payback a single cent and likely the account that it was transferred from have been frozen.

Remember this, when they instruct you to transfer the repayment, it could be to another victim. If they report your transfer, your account will be frozen.

I don't want their money but bank seems to refuse to return as I believe account frozen. The next best thing for me was to close that account and open a new one. Still never touch the money.

No point trying to deal with them. Ask urself, when u think they will let u go?
Thanks for advising. I already make police report and will continue to update my officer in charge of what is happening. Cctv also installed.
I will make sure to call 999 if there are any more sort of harassment of any kind.
And I will also crease all form of further communication from UML.
Praying that it will be over soon. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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