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One more thing which I am not sure if any of you also kenna. That scammer asked me to video call me with me holding my Ic beside my face when they were verifying identity which I thought itís a normal
Process but now I also abit worried if they will do anything with that.

To add on, I also closed my account no yesterday.
Mine was just a video call but no need to hold I/C next to face. I think different LS has different ways. Some need your Singpass and all. Some dont.

I remembered mine threathened to put my house on rent but take all the money from those who are interested. So when the time comes this people will come my house and look for me. So far, thank god nothing happened. They did threathened wanting to make sure I spend my time in jail for crimes I didnt even commit. I was f*cking terrified at first. As days goes by I just let them be. It got better each day and nothing happened. Just threats over the phone.
Hopefully yours will be better soon too.
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