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just came back from Beijing yesterday. I went a few banks to try applying for a card.

1. ICBC Bank at 5th ring - reject immediately when enquire
2. Bank of China at 2nd ring - reject immediately when enquire
3. ICBC Bank at 2nd ring (Chong Wen Men) - Can apply but waiting time is 2 weeks. You leave your name/contact number to the bank, they will call you about 2 weeks later for an appointment to go down to apply for a card (mentioned too many foreigners on waiting list)
4. ABC Bank at 2nd ring - reject immediately when enquire
5. China Construction Bank at Terminal 3 Airport departure. Can apply on the spot but need Passport + Identity Card + Income Tax Statement.

All the above are enquired as a tourist on 30 days visa. I left without getting a card because I didnt have my ID with me.
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