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just came back from Beijing yesterday. I went a few banks to try applying for a card.

1. ICBC Bank at 5th ring - reject immediately when enquire
2. Bank of China at 2nd ring - reject immediately when enquire
3. ICBC Bank at 2nd ring (Chong Wen Men) - Can apply but waiting time is 2 weeks. You leave your name/contact number to the bank, they will call you about 2 weeks later for an appointment to go down to apply for a card (mentioned too many foreigners on waiting list)
4. ABC Bank at 2nd ring - reject immediately when enquire
5. China Construction Bank at Terminal 3 Airport departure. Can apply on the spot but need Passport + Identity Card + Income Tax Statement.

All the above are enquired as a tourist on 30 days visa. I left without getting a card because I didnt have my ID with me.
Good info.

It seems to me in the end only No 2 ICBC Bank at 2nd Ring seems to be possible if you can wait for two weeks. What documents do they require?

For No 5, I feel a bit strange about the ID Card and the Income Tax Statement requirements. Are they really asking for your income tax statement in Singapore? Or they are asking about your income tax statement in China?

For people on 15 day visa free to China, looks like very difficult to get a mainland bank card in big cities like Beijing.
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