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seems like they have renovated the priority lane slightly.. but it is still located in front of belt 17..

oh ya Beta korkor.. I asked immigration how they decide whether to chop 30days tourist or 90days apec visa, he tell me if no verbal request, they usually just chop 30 days unless you write down your apec card number on the immigration card under Visa number.. if you write your apec card number there, they will assume that you want to use the apec 90 days visa. he also mentioned that some just look at previous recent stamps that previous officer gave and follow the same 5555

when walking in halfway that woman at the door kept shouting at me to stop then ask me where is my first/biz class premium lane ticket? I say I don't have then started to dig out my card.. then she say BOI? I say no.. then show her my card then she say oh okok you can go.. nb

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