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Good info.

It seems to me in the end only No 2 ICBC Bank at 2nd Ring seems to be possible if you can wait for two weeks. What documents do they require?

For No 5, I feel a bit strange about the ID Card and the Income Tax Statement requirements. Are they really asking for your income tax statement in Singapore? Or they are asking about your income tax statement in China?

For people on 15 day visa free to China, looks like very difficult to get a mainland bank card in big cities like Beijing.
I did not ask for more info for ICBC because normally I dont stay so long over there.

China construction bank mentioned that passport alone is not sufficient, need more documents to prove your identity thus requesting for IC. For income tax statement I assumed it is referring to our local statement.

There are much convenient with cashless payment especially their largest notes is $100. Usually I bring SGD 3000-4000 worth of RMB over and they caused a bulge in pockets.

For small amount, DBS remit offers $0 fee with reasonable exchange rates
For larger amount, Chinatown remittance company charges $18 per transfer with better than market rate exchange rate.

It is still worthwhile to try getting a bank card in China and remit money into that account for spending.

Many restaurants allow self-order for food. You scan the QR code using your phone to browse, order and pay.

The most annoying part is whenever you use cash, they will check the notes if they are counterfeit before accepting it.
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