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Hi all, I'm travelling alone to Seattle for a week in April for work, and extending 1 more week for leisure. This is my first time to US, and I want to make the most of it. Any recommendations where to go, other than exploring within Seattle?
Colleagues have been telling me to take a train to Vancouver or a short flight to Las Vegas.
I like scenery more than shopping, mountains more than buildings, and land more than sea. Driving ok but not preferred since I've never driven on the left before. I've been reading up on the past few pages of this thread and am leaning towards at least 2 nights in Seattle, Amtrak, then 3+ nights in Vancouver.

Oooh, so firstly, this is excellent info - we can give you some good recommendations. Vegas might actually be a really good idea, not for the nightlife, but because it's a great jumping-off point for some amazing scenery.

April is a great time to hit up some of the scenery too; it's still a bit too early to head up the mountains, but you can still hit some truly superb places, and the desert is a lot more manageable in April than it would be in June or July.

I'd say if you're willing to drive (and I promise you it's easy, Vegas isn't that hard to drive around and once you get on the interstate highways it's easy cruising. My parents are the wrong side of 70, and they're from Australia, and they were fine with it after half an hour):

* Spend a day in Vegas. Grab a bus tour out to Red Rock Canyon, and spend a half-day hiking out there to get used to the desert.

At this point, pick up a rental car, and you can choose: do you prefer mountains or deserts?

If you prefer mountains, head northeast on Interstate 15.
* You can drop in on the gorgeous Valley of Fire, and then keep going up to the cute little mountain town of Springdale, right at the foot of Zion National Park. Spend a couple days here and explore Zion.
* When you're done, head to the town of Page (which is a great jumping-off point for Antelope Canyon), then to Grand Canyon Village, then back to Vegas.
* If you can't get from Springdale to Page, because the roads are snowed in, ditch Page and head to the Grand Canyon via Vegas.

If you prefer deserts, head northwest on US highway 95:
* You can drop down into Death Valley, which is worth spending a night or two in;
* From there, you can drive out the west side of Death Valley and down to Barstow, on Interstate 15;
* At this point, if you have time, you can take a detour south to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park, or head back to Vegas via Mojave National Preserve.
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