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Hi guys, I'm having the same issue as the other forumer. Enquire abt a loan, gave my ic pics, workplace and nok. I never give bank account or singpass. In the end, I decided to back out and not take any loan. They never disturb only until today msg me for cancellation fee of $500, if not they disturb workplace, neighbor and gave that infamous video of burning someone house. I've already make a police report, inform my work place and family. Anyone has any experience where they really come to the house or disturb neighbor house? Or is it they just disturb through phone?
You are an adult right ?
Still need spoon feed ?
Don't be lazy.
Read up at least 10 pages if you don't want to read all few hundred pages.
Whatever police ask you do, just do it.
You are in good hand, must trust 100% in Police.
No need lost sleep about it.
If you're still poor at 35, you deserve it!
He knew what he signed up for.
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