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Ok, finally I made it ended (my side).

Before my finale cock story, I was trying to test the guy. It seemed that his understanding or his standard of English, was quite jialat. So I conversed with him in Chinese over WhatsApp. His first msg of the day was he wanted to call me and talk over the phone. I told him I was inconvenient and it was better to type over WhatsApp as a black and white. But no matter what I said, he would only said ok sure or ok nvm, I will tell u over here later. After few hours, he would sis, are u there. He just didn't wanna stated it out. Nvm, he still can turned the table around and said if I don't trust him, then don't look for them for a loan as if he was a scam. 😂 Ownself slap ownself.

I already planned my story to match with my account hacked excuse. So the last msg after he looking for me, I told him that I have to go over the police station tomorrow as my account was suspected to be used by unauthorised transactions by unknown. The authority might need to check my phone logs and so on. They might even detent my hp. So it better that I don't take the loan in case it created more troubles. Meantime would advise u not to contact me. He replied ok. So after his last msg, I blocked him. Blocked his call as well. Will change my contact asap too.

Well, it might be not a good lie but I would rather come out with cock story than sitting down there, brooding over it. I couldn't care less seriously. Even it an offense to use other's contacts (US numbers) but this is not the prior issue at the moment. At this moment, I just wanna get it done and over. No matter what, it my own issue. I will not involve my family. Over my ****ing dead body. I don't know what they will do in the future, but I standing firm. I'm not a pushover either. 我也不是省油的灯.

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