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There’s no perfect condo in this world.

Which projects can boost to have all of the following?

- within 5-10min walk to mrt and tons of amenities
- not many units so less competition in terms of rental, sales & facilities usage
- cheap maintenance fees
- high rental demand & yield
- high capital appreciation
- very spacious, efficient layouts for all living, dining & bedrooms
- highest standard of premium fittings & finishing
- within 1km to prestige schools
- at a super convenient yet non-crowded location...

So on and so forth… u get my gist.

If heng heng there’s one, u’ll be assured developer will price it at much premium pricing to reflect its ‘perfectness’. They are in the business of making $$, not losing it.

E.g. If Tapestry is at a better location, CDL would have being selling it at higher prices, perhaps at least $200psf more

Hence, it all boils down to what u want, what is more important to u and how much u willing to pay for it.

Past transactions (which u can easily checked from online) have already shown many owners of less-than-perfect condos at less-than-perfect locations are quietly laughing their way to their banks.... while some upmarket condos at much better locations are stil losing money for their owners.
I like your train of thoughts.

However. we are dealing with disillusioned Singaporeans here who wishes to make a quick buck by having light ears to the market trends.

I (personally) always advocate that Singapore's golden years are 1990s to 2000s. We did not have ipads back then, life was much simpler and I was always looking forward to go home to watch TMNT.

Granted that some private home owners suffer the brunt of the cooling measures, but with the right perspective, this is to protect the property market, or Singaporeans at large. Please, I am not a government supporter nor basher.

My advise for those who are thinking of making some cash out of trends, then I would advise you to think again.

1. 20 years ago, ipad was almost non-existent (if you get what i mean) Can you bear the fluctuation with the test of time? Now, imagine if you have bought the "prime" unit in Sentosa, you are losing more than 40% of the initial price
2. Are you going to stay single and move around like nomads? How about your kids education? Are they going to school hop?
3 So you bought a condo at $850k, you sell it at $1.1M. Whats next? downgrade to HDB? Have you considered your renovation for the condo and the next unit you are moving in? You buy premium condo but sleep on tilam and eat maggie? Then downgrade to HDB? $1.1M - $850k = $250k. Is that the true amount after 5 years and deducting the reno and all?

What I noticed about prudent couples. Pain Pain one time, they buy a HDB/condo which they can afford. Most of them go for 5 room, or the biggest condo which they can afford. They pay off the loan. And do u notice there are more and more expensive cars in HDB carparks? Because most of them are debt free. They drive a nice car, live in a loan-free unit. renovate the house every 15 years.

Everything is in inverse relation. In Singapore, unless u are Peter Buffet Lim, you can't live a life of riley. Don't drive a big car, stay in a big house and eat maggie noodles and luncheon meat from 25 years onwards and then downgrade to a HDB after u cash in on your cheap trill.

This is wad we call giam cai mia.
Just prepare another $10
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