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There’s no perfect condo in this world.

Which projects can boost to have all of the following?

- within 5-10min walk to mrt and tons of amenities
- not many units so less competition in terms of rental, sales & facilities usage
- cheap maintenance fees
- high rental demand & yield
- high capital appreciation
- very spacious, efficient layouts for all living, dining & bedrooms
- highest standard of premium fittings & finishing
- within 1km to prestige schools
- at a super convenient yet non-crowded location...

So on and so forth… u get my gist.

If heng heng there’s one, u’ll be assured developer will price it at much premium pricing to reflect its ‘perfectness’. They are in the business of making $$, not losing it.

E.g. If Tapestry is at a better location, CDL would have being selling it at higher prices, perhaps at least $200psf more

Hence, it all boils down to what u want, what is more important to u and how much u willing to pay for it.

Past transactions (which u can easily checked from online) have already shown many owners of less-than-perfect condos at less-than-perfect locations are quietly laughing their way to their banks.... while some upmarket condos at much better locations are stil losing money for their owners.

No one is saying this project or any project has to have everything. There's however a large difference between buying for own stay and investment.

If you are buying for own stay and happy with the location, facilities, size of unit and layout, amenities nearby and price (or if you can live with the "weaknesses" of the property) then by all means go ahead.

For investment and/or rental the criteria should be much stricter for investors. With the current regulatory environment and political climate, do you think that the cooling measures will be removed anytime soon? I also don't think its appropriate to compare with gains investors made in a previous market cycle (ie they may have bought in around 2009/10) and/or prior to the 2 latest rounds of cooling measures.
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