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Can be helped. The compounds trapped in the filter is giving off the bad smells.
Some compounds give off worse smells than others. Eg, the PM2.5 recently is very low, but the smell is very bad. Anyway, it might be VOCs also, but i highly doubt, coz over here at Tg Pagar southernmost side also can smell.

My laser particle meter barely registers anything, 20-30 ug/m3 raw, 40 ug/m3 sometimes if you push it. However the smell is as if like Indonesia haze 100-150 ug/m3 levels.

So the 55% filter lifespan is just a very very rough guideline.

Change it.

That's why i use the TB H11 grade filters. It's cheap and it works. One year i change 2X. Zero smell issue.
But some pax might be concerned with the very slight outgassing of smell for the first 48-96hrs or usage for the TB filters. And they do not want to leave it switched on for 48-96hrs or so to reduce the smell. I now operate have 5 air purifiers in the house, if you ask me to buy and change 10 filters annually, i'd better be earning at least 300k PA.

These APs are all running at medium or medium low speed so as to keep the dB SPL down. During haze periods, they'd be running at higher speeds, and max speed during initial 30 mins of returning home etc.
Same concept as the air conditioner fan speed/thermostat ba.

In 2015 haze season, i was gunning 9 air purifiers. That means that year i need to change 18 filters at my house.
Include my parents house 3 x air purifiers, it's 12 units total. 24 filters.

Even Sharp filters can smell, so can Samsung filters. Originals.

Thanks Bro...
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