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Tks bro for the advise. I was looking at the 5br to stay in but just worried might be congested. The 4BR at tapestry looks quite interesting with the dual key units. Yes priced increased Frm what I saw the first time. I thought the concierge for The Tapestry also v good. I’m such a sucker for service. Lol

For 2br investment I recently went to see Rezi 24. Like not bad and I feel gd cap and rental returns, gr8 entry price.. but no bullets. Need to focus on buying 1 for own stay.
Like u, I was looking for 4/5 bedder for self stay some times back. Was tempted to go for tapestry 4 bedder (1432sqft) selling at 1.7x mil but was turned off by its location. Then went riverfront, 5 bedder was quoted 2.06mil which to me was reasonable (due to generous space), however, I didn’t commit becos location wasn’t fantastic (though better than tapestry) plus over 1400 units. Finally I ended up getting a slightly smaller 4 bedder unit With mrt at door step, many eateries around, near shopping Malls which I feel it’s more convenient for my Aging parents. I also don’t like projects that has more than 1000 over units. Lack exclusivity and privacy.
Treasure 5 bedder in my opinion is the cheapest u can get in the current market (frm 1.87mil plus) but may not be conducive to stay with 2203 units around.

For investment condo, I usually look at RCR area with less than 500/600 units, proven rental yield around the area, preferably near office, shopping Malls, circle line etc. 2 bedder is a sweet spot if buy for investment. You tend to have larger tenant pool.

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