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i have been reading this thread for awhile.

I borrowed for 8 LS and total to a 5 figure loan. have been paying them more than i shld.

before cny i manage to "settle" payment with all of them.

no one called or text or wad for 2 weeks during cny period

den suddenly one fine saturday.
8 of them texted and called me saying the amount i "settled" was for interests. seriously the LS are mutherF.

have been 1 mth since i block/ignore them.

to all new victims.

be prepared for harrassment (they came my hse and gave me money to use in hell) haha!

change mobile (which i did not due to work.
block them.
tell your NOK / bosses that u r scammed.(i am very truthful to my boss. saying i did borrow and i did return in full and even more. they call my office and tio kan by my supportive boss)

remember. ignore them and move on in life.
report to the police. now most of the lift lobby have police cctv. those runners can hide unless they climb up your place or jump down.

cheers to everyone!

its really good advise that you ppl are giving to victims like me.
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