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To all victims,

7 years ago..i had more than 30 to 40 uml & lml..had max out my credit card with more $ debts is close to half a million.
I had lost all my friends, my fiancee left me and i even try to end my life. Im lucky that the bottle of bleach i drank dint kill me.

There are solutions to all problems.Be optimistic and positive. I had been through all.Im still struggling but at least im turning around.

I will try to share how i turn my life around shortly.
I face problems with LML too, the amouth is just few hundred left from $2000 I take from them and can't pay sine I lost job and just start working this month.

How can I handle this, because after a answer phone call they just say must pay now, must pay today, can't wait any longer. What can l do? And how you settle? Pls advice.

My loan just few hundred left now but my heart look like got burn inside, can't imagine how you pass hard time.
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