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No one is saying this project or any project has to have everything. There's however a large difference between buying for own stay and investment.

If you are buying for own stay and happy with the location, facilities, size of unit and layout, amenities nearby and price (or if you can live with the "weaknesses" of the property) then by all means go ahead.

For investment and/or rental the criteria should be much stricter for investors. With the current regulatory environment and political climate, do you think that the cooling measures will be removed anytime soon? I also don't think its appropriate to compare with gains investors made in a previous market cycle (ie they may have bought in around 2009/10) and/or prior to the 2 latest rounds of cooling measures.

1st round of cooling measures was implemented back in Feb 2010 and last year’s 5th July one was the 8th round.

But how have the prices been going?

See below chart (the part labelled 'Feb 2010' onwards) to form your own judgement as facts & figures don’t lie.

Its precisely the unique situation of Singapore that is conducive & attractive for property investments for locals & foreigners...

- Political stability (not a govt supporter, just calling a spade a spade)
- Economic stability
- Measures to keep market stable
- Tight quality control
- Limited land
- Population growth
- GDP growth etc


Would you prefer a property market with more stable, sustainable growth / capital appreciation.... or a steep rollercoaster up & down, bubble forming & bursting, huge-risk, market-crashing type of environment?

Yes, might be a multi-millionaire in double quick time but can also be a bankrupt many times over.

How many can stomach this kind of gamble besides those who already having deep pockets to start with?

Hence, local properties are for those looking for a real physical asset (which can live in) to invest in that not only provide stable returns, but also beats inflation and having one of the lowest risk an investment can get.

If looking at higher returns (with higher risk of cos), better off to invest in stock & shares, options, trading, foreign currencies etc.

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