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Do you still have friends or relatives mah? Lucky you are. If yes pls appreciate. Because after I face problems with LS and scams I lost everything in my life.

I face everything alone and stay strong because I read this forum everyday and I know still have many member here face same problem and heavy than me.

I not good written, sometimes I feel very sad to read all story because I know how they feel. But what can I do is pray and hope them to believe all good addvice here like I did before better than give nonsense advise. Don't you think?

My loan come down from $7000
Now I said left few hundred and I think they can see because they are lml so that why they keep pushing me.

But also not all of them, some lml super nice and understanding, give me time and accept my lowest pay. Super appreciate.
I never have any loan shark or legal money lender issue because I never borrow from them.
I just drop in from EDMW and try to help.
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