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Yes you are right?
Now I start new life, new job, new friends, I can't ask my new friends like that, borrow money from them will be bad am I right?
Face it, only this words in my mind this few months... Little bit hard time to carry on... We can do it.
For your current friends, it really depends who more gam with u. Maybe can try but it the heart issue that you don't wanna trouble them.

For me, the stone inside me has sunk. So far, no anonymous call or msg. Hopefully it stays this way. Since I never loan from them, I don't find any reasons if they wanna find trouble with me. It just the bank loans i facing now. But, it not as bad as they come over my house to chase me. Sometimes they will send letters or by hand if I'm late to pay, but I still can handle such situation when parents ask. Just said, some bank promo they want me to sign and that's all. Those money lenders I used to engage (they considered understanding and lenient) already changed their contacts so I won't be engaging any money lenders even it legal. I think some of them also behave like those unlicensed ones. I chose to 安分守己. Just pay slowly to the banks, what to do.
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