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Ya, there will be 1 out of others who is the badass. When those times I engaged those money lenders, 1 of them gave me trouble too.They are a group. One day, this guy who claimed that in future, all payment to him. So I did lor. The one who I usually paid to, msg and asked for payment. I said I paid to your colleague liao leh. He said why I paid to his colleague? Should be him. He said in that case, pay again. I was like, seriously, pay twice. I'm not printer for money. So i msg his colleague and told him about it. He said ignore him. He ran away with their money with their phone. So now try to scam his previous debtors. Asked me to convey msg to him, anything, msg them. So I did as being told. I guess he was afraid and said nvm then.
I don't think that is lml sis.
LML pay straight to the bank and they will give receipts to your e-mail black and white as well.and the account is same as the contract they provided you after you take loan from them.
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