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These people sent my company generic email saying that hey are looking for me and that I need to contact them back or else they will post my photos all over our office areas. I was shaking when the persona in charge of the email came to tell me. She told me first and according to her only 2 people have access to this email. I told my boss and it seems he is quite fed up already. Honestly, I am ready to loose my job over this. I will not resign though and will hold on as Long as I can. Other people are still supportive saying to stay strong. I am just afraid since my boss is saying he will inform the CEO of the company so that we can implement security measures. I feel so ashamed and angry at myself for causing such a fuss in our company 😔
Oh dear. I am so sorry you had to go through all this. It's sad to know that they are willing to go and do all this when they are the one scamming others. I really hope your workplace will be abit more accepting especially when you didnt even loan from them.

My prayers goes to you dear. I hope all will end well. ❤
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