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Dear lost moment, for LML their only intention is go get their money back.
Take my advice, put down your ego and talk to them to come out with a monthly repayment scheme. Once the repayment scheme is set, make sure you pay them promptly. You can tell them that if they dont not accept there will be a high chance that you may declare for bankruptcy, usually they will accept.just remb, do not take another loan to service your loan. Dont even try uml.It is really living hell.
I face problems with LML too, the amouth is just few hundred left from $2000 I take from them and can't pay sine I lost job and just start working this month.

How can I handle this, because after a answer phone call they just say must pay now, must pay today, can't wait any longer. What can l do? And how you settle? Pls advice.

My loan just few hundred left now but my heart look like got burn inside, can't imagine how you pass hard time.
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