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These people sent my company generic email saying that hey are looking for me and that I need to contact them back or else they will post my photos all over our office areas. I was shaking when the persona in charge of the email came to tell me. She told me first and according to her only 2 people have access to this email. I told my boss and it seems he is quite fed up already. Honestly, I am ready to loose my job over this. I will not resign though and will hold on as Long as I can. Other people are still supportive saying to stay strong. I am just afraid since my boss is saying he will inform the CEO of the company so that we can implement security measures. I feel so ashamed and angry at myself for causing such a fuss in our company 😔
Hang on sis. Report all this harassment to I/O. I guess your office building have security guard and CCTV.

I hope your boss is helpful and feels your are victimized rather than causing him and the Co a fuss.

Continue to stay strong. Remember, if the UMLs sense fear in you, they will eat you for breakfast. Continue to show them you are not afraid of them, even if you are wreck at the moment. We understand how you feel.
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