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still pretty tough and need the right boost

i did tht stage by exchange for faran in the shop, give him his B shot from a SR, boost the shot, LB his shot also

now quite simple with team skill + formation boost too
Thks a lot. Now realise cannot anyhow sell away players.. bec someday you may need them Hopefully can get back the Thai player and clear the stage one day... i want the SSR ticket at stage 24...

Now everyday login for few mins to get 3-4 free Dbs
Hopefully end of Month Dreamfeast spin can get more powerful players
Currently team between range 645k to 635k depending on formation and players.. Hopefully end of yr one of SG_Club members can cross 700k.. without spending a single cents on game

Come join us at SG_Club, make great our "Singapore Legends Soccer Club.

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