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My Io said most ls operate oversea..don't even dare to come bk in Singapore..coz once they are back they will be caught..
Thank you green72, yes my company has cctv all over and even one in my own office. i dont think that they will take the risk of coming in the office. i am trying to be firm and strong. sometimes there are sad days with lots of tears but i am glad that my company somehow understands. i just hope this will stop soon.

i received a call from my IO this morning. he advised me about what i should do and that was a bit reassuring. he also said that my case has been handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department - Singapore Police Force.

i am waiting for the the town council's approval so we can proceed with the cctv. same advise from the officer:

1. do not reply. block them.
2. do not pay
3. disregard any messages and inform NOK and Company to disregard them
4. if they speak to someone in the company advise them that you no longer work there.

He said that they will never go to the workplace. he also said that chances of them going to the residence is also low. to feel more secured , install cctv.

call him for any updates about the incident. They are not here in Singapore and operate based on whatsapp etc. inform friends and colleagues about those malicious posts and numbers that are involved.

stay strong and call 999 for emergencies.
Those you saw caught in the news are desperate people who work as runner. Some are just debtors themselves who can't paid up or need some extra cash. Loan Shark is hiding oversea to con people virtually and get easy money.
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