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Hi all.

I just recently accidentally borrowed from a loan shark. I was desperate that the loan from a licensed miney lwnder will not be approve. I tried to borrow 1k. But they only transfer 150. I had paid in total of 400. Will they still harass me and my family? What is the best thing to do. I plead to them that thatís all I have. I was stupid and desperate.

Thanks for the future response.
How can you accidentally borrow money one ?
If you don't response to their message and give them all the details, how are they going to bank in money ?
No need think about it, they confirm will harassed you and family because they want easy money. You are like big fat cash cow to them.
What you need to do now is faster go and make a police report.
Stop any contact with them, change the number if can.
Use the police report go and get approval from town council to install CCTV.
Have a good night sleep.
Don't lose a sleep because of them,Boh Chup them.
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