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if you get the ram to work, do tell.

my crappy corsair venegance 3200mhz wont even post at 3200mhz.

best i can do is 3060mhz at 1.35v

even if my b450m pro 4 doesnt have it listed, shouldnt a 3200mhz ram be able to work at 3200mhz....

when i upgrade to the Ryzen 3000 series, im gonna get a Geil or G.Skill.
I couldn't get my old Corsair Vengence rams to run stable at 3000mhz in the past. It keeps randomly crashing unless I drop it to its base clock of 2133mhz. I strongly believe the compatibility is the main issue. The moment I switched to these pair of Klevv memories, it booted smoothly at the rated speed of 3000mhz. In fact, I was still able to reduce the latency to CL14.
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