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thank you. But I told them that Iím not paying anymore. Iím going to tell my wife. As I really didnít know. I was desperate. I canít close my bank account as it is hacked and there was an unauthorised transaction. I am waiting for the response from the bank. If I change now. I canít get back the money. It will take 14 days.

If they transfer any money. Iíll just withdraw it and go to the police to make a report.

Iím ready to man up. As I have my fault as well.
Good move bro. No need to inform the UML that you are not going to pay. Just go dark on them and they will know.
The idea of stopping all contacts with them is basically to prevent them from "practising" their skill, to harass and scare you to pay. Don't pay.

Just take comfort that they already earn $250 from you. So your conscience should be clear that you don't owe them anything.

Be truthful in the police report, say you take up loan instead of saying you got scammed.

I know the hardest part is to own up to your wife and family. Stay strong, focus all your energy now to protect them, as I and the rest did.

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