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Ya same. There was once borrowed from a childhood friend bcos my grandma passed away and I had to fork out 2.8k more but short of 1.1k so I borrowed from my childhood friend and told her pay day pay her. Not even pay day already kpkb abt the sum and spread around to other friends, and say me nasty things on whatsapp, I get so angry and sad yet borrow from LS. It gets me even worse at that point of time as I kept on using loan to cover the other one. Which in the long run thank god for parents whom helped me to pay. That’s why never trust friends, I rather put in all effort on my parents. Last time when I treat them eat or drink all come. Talk about money to friends and relatives all run. Knn.

Sigh. That's a saying. When 10 good things happened to you, no one remember. When 1 bad thing happened, everyone remember. Some will stay with u, some will drift and even condemn u. The latter stands higher percentage. I been thru it and it proven. That's why now I don't give a **** to my surroundings. Only keep those who are genuine. My attention is my family only.
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