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Common fear techniques by LS:
-call nok (ask them not to pick up & blk them)
-email or call office(be truthful n hope your superior understand your prepare to find a new job)
-send video of burning door(dont waste ur mobile data, dont download)
-send incense paper(try not to leave ur hand print and hand to the police)
-Splash paint and graffitti(for me i put acrylic sheet at my door.install cctv.if it really happen, you can call the towncoucil for repaint-foc)
-Fire(nowadays we got fire rated door at hdb.need not fear but be prepared for it.for me though it never happen to me, i had standby extingusiher in my unit.)
Ps. All this stunt needs long as you stay firm and stop funding them, it will be over soon.
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