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No really 30 ls..i got around 20 lml and 20ls..i settle my lml by negotiating for money installment..of coz intially they dont accept..but once i told them im going for bankcruptcy they accepted it. For the LS, it is really a big fight. Just like everyone i was scared.I try every means to pay them and once they sense that i can pay, the threat was relentless. Finally i pick up my courage and call the police. This is the turning point. I stop paying, i change my number, install cctv, put down my ego and explain to my neighbour fearing their home get vandalised. Yes,
they came my home 3 times, splashing paint. After a year or so. Everything is fine. It was 5 years since the last attack. Now im just a poor joe working hard to my debts..but at least i survive thru.
Same scenario bro..actually if u borrow from friend and relative to pay ah long u will NVR learn becoz u will feel problem can brnskmvt easier ..can can ah long then think of ways to borrow from friend and relative..cycle always repeat..
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