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need advise, my case is, i wanted to borrow a huge amt. so they wanna test by saying they wanna see how i can earn money so the deal was they transferred me $300 and i py them back $500 and transaction done. then i was being told that i need to pay them $1600 to ‘open an account’ so i ignored them till now and did a police report. they kept on calling the whole of that day and i ignored those calls. its been a week now all silent. can any advise if they will show up or not. got really scared to be honest. its like they didnt even give me anything to start off with. can advise pls! thank you all for your time!
Hi sorryman, it's their modus operandi.

1. Request for personal info to check eligibility.
2. Msg and call to say approve but will give you a small sum to test if you a credible.
3. Then the extortion BS starts.

Since these low-life did not transfer any money to you, which you confirmed check in bank account, then at most they will maybe try to harass you by saying stuff like need pay cancellation fee or other excuse they can come up with. Ignoring calls or msg is the best way to stop their nonsense..

Temporary block calls you are not familiar or unknown or private. Check my previous few post on how to do that.

Making the police report is the right move. At any instance they start the harassment, do report to your I/O or call 999 if they visit your hse. DO NOT HESiTATE.

Do not entertain or try to reason out with them as it shows you fear them.Do not payback even if they force tfr some amount to ur back acct. Too bad, their loss. Report tfr to I/O and bank and hold on to the money like I did.

Stay strong, they will try to scare you but this is Singapore.

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